Introducing Rexx2Nrx:

- the 'classic Rexx' to NetRexx converter.

release 4.00 January 1 ,2003 (updated Nov. 1, 2009)

-- and it's now FREE Software!

During the past decades, REXX has become a very popular language used on various platforms and operating systems. M.F.Cowlishaw, the  author of REXX, has now introduced NetRexx, which is a blend of the best principles of Java and REXX.

Unfortunately, Netrexx is not upwards compatible to Rexx. Rexx2Nrx, the 'classic REXX to NetRexx converter' has been developed to fill this gap. Rexx2Nrx takes REXX source code, parses and analyses it, and translates it to NetRexx as far as possible. REXX subroutines/functions are translated to proper NetRexx/Java classes and methods, The format and the datatypes of the generated NetRexx program may be tailored to your needs by a couple of options very similiar to the equivalent NetRexx options.

For those REXX functions not available in NetRexx, a RUN-Time library is provided implementing the missing functions. This library includes simple methods like date(..) and time(..) etc, as well as an implementation of stream I/O (stream, linein,lineout, charin,charout, etc), Stack I/O,  execution of System Commands, Bit string handling, etc.

Rexx2Nrx has been originally developped in CMS compiled REXX,  and bootstraps itself from REXX to NetRexx. The Java version is available as free Software thru the Internet. Look at for  DOWNLOAD  and some more detailed examples and documentation.

Version 4..00 of Rexx2Nrx has been released start of 2003, which will allow you to stepwise translate external REXX function packages/include files  to equivalent  NetRexx/Java classes and methods. Both a top down approach (with INCLUDED files) and a bottom up approach are supported.

The original NetRexx Language definition by M.F.Cowlishaw is now included in the DOWNLOAD-File file for your convenience, as well as the users guide and the original language definition.

Version 2 of the NetRexx Language Definition is now also available, and is included in the DOWNLOAD-File ( for your convenience, as well.

Some IBM employees did compose a RED-book which also gives you a lot of samples and advice how to create Java Servlets, etc using NetRexx.

A beta version of Kermit Kiser's NetRexxScript Engine , which does allow you to develop NetRexx applications interactively within  the jEdit Editor is avalable as well.

For any comments, problems, or ideas for possible improvements please send a mail to

The design principles of the converter, the REXX parser and the Rexx to NetRexx translator, and the RUN-Time library have been  presented at the 2002 Rexx LA meeting. Look at for the abstracts and presentations of this event.

I'm currrently using the news-group 'Rexx2Nrx' to collect and deliver any news for this project.

Hence, you may simply access, newsgroup Rexx2Nrx for the Rexx2Nrx news/discussions

or become a member of for all recent news for the Rexx/ObjectRexx/NetRexx/Rexx2Nrx family news.

Enjoy the new vision of running 'classic Rexx' programs in Java!

Vienna, 01.01.2003, updated 01.10.2009

Thomas Schneider



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